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Our Story

Each homeowner has a vision for the perfect home that is unique to their personality, hopes and dreams. Litwin Davies Design works for clients to bring their vision to reality, making an otherwise complex and uncertain process simple and enjoyable. That is precisely the way the home renovation experience should unfold.

With a résumé that spans decades of residential and commercial projects in North America and Europe, Stacey Litwin Davies has a reputation for architecture and interior design that balances beauty and function, and that – most importantly – builds on the homeowner’s vision. Backed by a full-service team, she manages all aspects of the project seamlessly, from conception to finished product.

A respected authority in the fields of corporate, commercial and residential design, Stacey’s work has been featured in some of Canada and United Kingdom’s top design and architectural publications. She and her team have delivered major projects in England, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and Canada.

What We Do

We offer a range of services including high end residential, condominiums & offices. We specialize in downsizing services and international sourcing. We provide full interior design services & full architectural renovation services.

This includes full specification, full drawing services, permit application, concept development, custom cabinetry design, custom furniture design, furnishing, fabric & colour selection.


  • Stacey is a designer who will listen to the client and not impose her vision over the clients needs and budget restrictions. Her combined architectural and design backgrounds are a fabulous blend. She understands the needs to have great design while working within parameters and time lines, which means less heartache at the end of the project. She has a thorough understanding of the most current technologies, building components and design trends that will stand the test of time. She is solution oriented, efficient and puts her clients first on any project, big or small.

  • We had been thinking about opening the kitchen and dining room into one area since moving in our home more than two decades ago. Our goal was to create a space that was new and exciting, yet would integrate effortlessly with the rest of the main floor – evolution, not revolution. Stacey understood completely what we were after and worked closely with us to achieve it. The results exceeded our expectations. We’ve had several visits from neighbours with homes of the same vintage who are planning similar renovations, and they are inspired by what they see.

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There’s a bewildering array of information available on the Internet for those who are interested in interior design; some of it is excellent, but much of it is misleading, or simply bad. The Litwin Davies Chronicles was conceived to offer something a little different.

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