Full Interior Design Services

As a full service interior design and architectural practice, Litwin Davies Design can offer these services separately or together, as projects require.

When carrying out interior design projects, we start with comprehensive conceptual design thinking to create a vision that combines both the client’s aspirations with fresh, inspiring ideas. Once the direction is agreed upon we realize this vision through a combination of drawings, the design and detailing of built in units, the sourcing of fixtures and fittings, materials and finishes as well as full colour schemes. In addition we help our clients select furniture, fabrics and accessories and will manage the purchase and delivery of all products, which saves you time and eliminates potential problems.

Projects vary and, dependent on client need and preference, we support our clients right through the construction and delivery process. We inspect completed work for any deficiencies to ensure everything is made right.



Full Architectural Renovation Services

As in our interior design practice our architectural practice is comprehensive. We specialize in renovations and additions and have become expert in this complex area.

We have become known for our creative architectural vision and problem solving. Unlike many architectural and design practices, we are not married to any one style and make a special effort to realize our client’s aspirations and go beyond expectations. Yet we are pragmatists and are experts in the delivery of architectural projects, supporting our clients with the complexities of the permit and committee of adjustment processes.

We provide full drawing, detailing and construction drawing packages supported by full documentation, inclusive of the specification and sourcing of all materials and finishes. Drawings include plans, elevations, sections, lighting and electrical layouts, etc. We have a full complement of experts we work with which includes structural engineers, HVAC consultants, sound and technology consultants and more. Once construction starts, we support our clients through this demanding process, supervising and supporting contractors right through to the completion of the project and the correcting of any deficiencies.

Speciality Services

Downsizing: Downsizing can be an overwhelming and emotionally trying experience for many clients. We help to minimize the stresses of downsizing by helping clients with the many difficult decisions they confront when making this transition. Our services range from providing a timeline for moving tasks, an inventory of existing furniture, placement of furniture, list of sources for new items and services, sale and donation of unneeded items and more. We have supported many clients through this process and are expert in helping realize that downsizing can be a gratifying experience.

Custom Furniture and Fittings: Through our experience with high-end residences and offices we know that unique pieces can make an environment. Custom furniture and fittings are often not more expensive than purchasing high quality ready-made pieces. The benefits are many: eliminating endless hours scouring showrooms looking for that piece that doesn’t seem to exist in the right dimensions, finish or design, buying local from expert artisans and craftsmen, creating pieces that exactly suit a unique set of requirements. We design, source and supervise the fabrication, delivery and installation of that special item with your precise preferences and needs in mind.

Custom Cabinetry: Custom cabinetry, whether it be for a kitchen, bathroom, family room or walk-in closet requires special capabilities and before you select your supplier or fabricator it is best to know what style, quality level, function and finish you require before committing. Not all fabricators are created equal. With our expertise we can help design these specialty items to suit your needs and environment and direct you to a shortlist of the best-suited fabricators for your needs.

Colour Consultation: Colour selection is one of the more subtle and often tricky aspects of a project and clients are often surprised by how easy it is to get it wrong. We can provide independent colour consultation to suit your preferences as well as the context of your home; whether it has north or south light, interior spaces, adding contrast or colour to an existing neutral palette, and more. We will work with existing paint and finishes manufacturers as well as customize colours to suit your needs. Colour expertly used can make the difference between an ordinary space or an extraordinary one.


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